Solvians IT-Solutions

GmbH use iMatix 0MQ as a message-oriented middleware for all the components of their system. "We are using stand-alone 0MQ data containers which allow us to alter the capacity of dataflow accordingly. Tests showed that 0MQ was able to handle up to 910,000 messages per second dropping to over 330,000 messages per second when the system has to switch to disc-offload mode. Our tests show that the new design is capable of processing current dataflow from our client up to 10 times faster than the old system."

AMQP and OpenAMQ for JPMorganChase

From 2004-2007 iMatix built a new messaging protocol (AMQP) for JPMorganChase, implemented this as a software product (), and helped JPMorganChase migrate their largest investment bank trading system off a legacy middleware and onto OpenAMQ. The last stage of this global migration (London, Tokyo, New York, Johannesburg) was completed in December 2006. iMatix is part of the AMQP workgroup.

Research & development with Cisco Systems

iMatix conducts research together with Cisco on the development of very-high performance AMQP servers based on the and PGM (multicast) protocols.

Protocol design with the AMQP Working Group

iMatix CEO Pieter Hintjens wrote the first published AMQP specifications, working with and for JPMorganChase, and iMatix was a founding member of the AMQP Working Group together with JPMorganChase and other firms in 2006.

Human resources procurement for Manpower International

From 1998 to the present day, iMatix built, deployed, operated, and maintained Manpower's UltraSource web-based HR procurement system. UltraSource was Manpower's first successful global web application and was used by clients in the US, Germany, Holland, , and the UK. We built UltraSource using C/C++/VB/ASP/SQL, running on Windows 2000 with SQLServer. An example client for Manpower UltraSource is NTT in Tokyo, who use it to manage work orders for over 1,500 of their suppliers.

Industrial automation for CBR Belgium

From 2000-2002 we built a factory automation system for CBR's Ghent factory. This fully-automated dispatching system connects the client's SAP system to the factory's industrial network and allows unattended 24/7 cement deliveries. An iMatix team of ten people delivered a complete software and hardware solution including automated kiosks designed in-house. We achieved zero recorded downtime since delivery in 2002. We built the dispatching system using C, VB, Oracle, C++, and a mix of Windows, Unix, and Linux. We built the kiosks out of stainless steel.

Electronic ordering and payments for Heineken

From 1999-2001 we built an electronic ordering and payments system for Heineken for use in Nigeria. The dot-beer system used secure reliable email to exchange orders and payments between locations (Nigeria had no internet connectivity, only basic dial-up).


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